Brits reveal 50 best ‘little victories’ – but only half are ‘positive people’

Life’s greatest small victory is finding cash in a long-unworn coat pocket, it has emerged.

Other mood-boosting wins appearing in the list include receiving an unexpected discount at the checkouts and spotting loose change on the street.

A delivery arriving on time is also ranked highly as did hitting a string of green lights on the commute in to work.

Parking perfectly the first time, getting a compliment from a stranger and arriving at the bus stop just as one pulls in are also considered some of the mundane but rewarding little victories we experience in day-to-day life.

Greg Tatton-Brown from online casino , which commissioned the study, said: “There’s something completely untainted about finding an extra fiver in a coat you haven’t worn in a long time, and it feels right that the experience was named the ultimate little victory in life.

“In fact, any opportunity where our finances receive an unexpected boost, however minor, appears to be a key factor in brightening up our day when we need it.”

The study also found 24 per cent allow themselves a moment of celebration when a social event they were dreading gets cancelled.

And one in 10 are quietly impressed when they insert a USB stick the correct way around – first time.

Despite their abundance and simplicity, the average Brit reckons they get just three little victories a week, which is a shame because nine in ten say even a tiny one-up puts them in a good mood.

And while a little win only gives us a happy glow for 20 minutes on average, the study also revealed many Brits are in need of a happiness top-up.

The study, conducted by OnePoll, asked how often we feel happy on a daily basis, and it emerged the average Brit can only maintain a positive outlook for about six hours each day.

Forty seven per cent would describe themselves as a predominantly positive person, but one in ten say they live in a constant ‘glass half full’ state.

And 74 per cent think a little win has the power to rescue a bad day from disaster and give them a sunnier perspective on things.

A quarter of Brits think they are most likely to encounter a win at home, and only five per cent of workers think they are most likely to score a little victory at work.

One in five are also guilty of writing a smug post on social media to publicly share their little win, no matter how small.

Thirty seven per cent get a little boost hearing about other people’s victories, and 48 per cent say they do their best each day to make sure people they know get the little wins they need.

Greg added: “They are innocuous in most cases, and often barely worth bringing up in conversation, but there is still a small and personal joy in getting a little win when things might not be going your way.

“Whether it’s spotting a lucky penny on the ground, landing a lucky win on an online game, or even swinging your car into a parking space flawlessly, life is full of little victories.

“The boost we receive to our mood, and the effect an unexpected victory can have on our day at large, is worth celebrating, and we would encourage Brits to keep an eye out for these fun moments of success.”

Top 50 best ‘little victories’

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