Chilling phone calls Golden State Killer made to his victims in the weeks before and after his sick rape attacks

The FBI even  released one menacing clip from a chilling 1977 call in which he terrified a woman with the words"gonna kill you, gonna kill you" in between deep sighs.

It wasn't the only time the serial killer is believed to contacted those who lives he had ruined and he even used to taunt California detectives in calls vowing he would never be caught.

Another time the serial killer reportedly asked the Sacramento authorities to pay him for "the movie" that would be made about his murderous campaign.

During his meticulously planned attacks, the sex fiend usually spoke through gritted teeth to disguise his voice.

“F*** me like your old man,” he hissed at one woman. As he brutalised another, he asked: “Isn’t this good?”- and held a knife to her throat until she said yes.

In another case, he said, “You’ll be silent forever, and I’ll be gone in the dark” — a threat that inspired McNamara’s book.

The twisted Golden State Killer also used to play bizarre torture games with his terrified victims – with the punishment of death if things went wrong.

After breaking into a couple's home, he would tie up the man and pile dishes on his back, then rape the woman threatening while her partner was forced to watch.

He would kill them both if the crockery fell and cracked.

News of the evil's killer's unusual modus operandi came as former cop Joseph James DeAngelo  was arrested in connection with the notorious case.

The predator would frequently steal souvenirs from the homes of his victims – including coins, jewellery and identification. He would even help himself to food and drink.

His targets ranged in age from 12 to 41 and included women at home alone or with their children or husbands.

FBI and California officials renewed their search for the attacker and announced a $50,000 reward for his arrest and conviction in 2016.

He is linked to more than 175 crimes in all between 1976 and 1986.

As he committed crimes across the state, authorities called him by several different names.

He was dubbed the East Area Rapist after his start in Northern California, the Original Night Stalker after a series of Southern California slayings, and the Diamond Knot Killer for using an elaborate binding method on two of his victims.

Most recently called the Golden State Killer, he has been linked through DNA and other evidence to scores of crimes.

DeAngelo, 72, was arrested in the early morning hours Wednesday after police say they identified him with DNA evidence over the previous six days.

News of the arrest has been welcomed by the families of the victims.


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