Commons Speaker John Bercow plunged into bullying scandal amid claims he left clerk with PTSD

Sources claimed a private secretary left after less a year working with the parliamentary boss.

BBC2’s Newsnight said Kate Emms took the job with Mr Bercow in May 2010 but was signed off in February 2011.

Colleagues blamed “bullying behaviour by Mr Bercow” and House authorities were told she had post-traumatic stress disorder.

She still works in the Commons but in roles where she does not have to deal or speak to him.

A spokeswoman for Mr Bercow last night said he “completely and utterly refutes the allegation that he behaved in such a manner, either eight years ago or at any other time”. She added: “Any suggestion to the contrary is simply untrue.”

It is understood the BBC gave Ms Emms the chance to comment.

The allegation came amid claims of a widespread “culture of fear” at the Commons among “clerks” — staff who advise MPs on House procedures.

One told Newsnight too many are frightened to make formal complaints about MPs.

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