Court throws book at admitted MS-13 murderer

An MS-13 g​ang member who admitted to taking part in the murders of suspected rival​s was sentenced Tuesday​ ​to 45 years in prison.

La Mara Salvatrucha ​gang ​member Anibel Rondolpho was slapped with the hefty sentence​. He copped to racketeering charges in March.

The 29-year-old confessed to distracting Zulu Nation gang member Miguel Perez so a cohort could fatally shoot him during an Aug. 2012 ambush.

Rondolpho also told authorities he was linked to the murder of suspected gang rival Jose Ivan Reyes-Lainez, who was stabbed more than 2 dozen times in Hempstead in Oct. 2013. An unnamed woman was also knifed 18 times as part of that attack, yet miraculously survived, according to authorities.

The Freeport man hit yet another victim he suspected to be part of the Bloods with a baseball bat in Sept. 2013, before fellow MS-13 members jumped in to attack him with a screwdriver and a metal board. That man survived.

The El-Salvador-linked street gang has been terrorizing Long Island for years, and is believed responsible for almost a dozen murders in the past year alone​, drawing attention from both President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions​.


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