Crystal Palace lead the fightback against Snowflake Britain and insist they won’t ditch half-time cheerleaders

CRYSTAL Palace last night became heroes in the battle against snowflake Britain as the club REFUSED to scrap its cheerleaders.

Instead the Premier League side – the last in the English football league with a dance troupe – said it was "proud" of its Crystals who would continue to perform at home games.

The club said: “The Crystals are a semi-professional dance troupe who have been performing at Selhurst Park for more than seven years and contribute to the unique atmosphere inside the stadium, which is widely recognised as one of the best in the Premier League.

"They also raise substantial amounts of money for good causes throughout the year. We are proud of their association with them.”

Palace, which is owned by American tycoons, stressed all of its professional dancers were aged over 21 and only wore their outfits for performing.

It said the troupe were lynch-pins of local fundraising and club chiefs had not once received a single complaint about them.

A former Crystals cheerleader of four years, called Nina, told The Sun: “I had the best time working with Crystal Palace for four seasons.

“I was always made to feel part of the CPFC family everywhere we went throughout the stadium for match days.

“I've made lifelong friends from dancing at Palace. Was fantastic to be involved in other aspects of the club too, such as charity fundraising. Was proud to be part of such a great club.”

Over the last week snooker and darts both scrapped their walk-on girls while F1 caved into killjoys and removed its famous grid girls.

Defiant darts walk-on girl Charlotte Wood, 29, of Leicester, said: “We really hope they keep their jobs. The more women can work the better.

“And the more people that come out and back the girls the better. It’s a minority of feminists who are spoiling the show for everyone.

“They are taking over Britain and making it really dull.”” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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