Customer slams restaurant on Facebook for £2.50 serving of ’seven chips’ and is stunned when ’Fawlty Towers boss’ replies ’I’m surprised you had room’

A CUSTOMER who slammed a restaurant after claiming it charged £2.50 for a portion of seven chips was left stunned when the boss replied saying "I'm surprised you had room".

Leanne Williams said the public spat that followed a scathing Facebook review of The Clock Face Pub and Restaurant was "like something out of Faulty Towers".

 Leanne Williams claimed that the pub charged £2.50 for just seven chips

Restaurant boss Jamie Fildes had sarcastically thanked her for the "glowing review" of the Merseyside venue.

He went on to quiz her about the number of chips served writing: "I count eight chips, I think someone's had a sneaky one too, that makes nine."

Mr Fildes, who has since dismissed his comments as "banter", then said he was  "surprised she had room" for the chips.

Outraged taxi driver Leanne, 28, said: "It was like something out of Fawlty Towers, I couldn't believe it."

 Leanne said she was shocked by the restaurant boss' comments

Leanne explained: "We'd gone out for a nice family meal to celebrate my girlfriend's grandma's birthday."

"We pre-booked and my partner's aunt had ordered the burger and chips.

"The meal was served on a small side plate with seven or eight chips on it – it looked like a doll-sized portion of food.

"It was £5.50 for the burger and £2.50 for seven chips, I couldn't believe it."

 Leanne said the meal looked like a 'doll sized portion of food'
 The restaurant's boss has said the replies posted to Leanne's review were 'banter'
 Mr Fildes later responded again asking why the party did not complain on the day

She added: "When I saw the reply I just thought 'what a cheek'. I was a bit shocked by it and I thought it was disgusting."

Restaurant boss Mr Fildes said he was stunned to learn that the party, who he claimed left a £10 tip, weren't happy with the food they received, and said all comments were meant as "banter".

He claims when they pre-ordered their food they had requested a kid's meal of burger and chips – which is why the portion was smaller than they may have expected.

He said: "It was a daft, flippant comment which was satirical and meant to be banter and wasn't meant to cause any offence.

"I hold my hands up, I should have been a bit more clued up, but I've learned a valuable lesson."

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