Dad's fury as son, 12, racks up £400 bill on Fortnite game leaving him overdrawn

Mark, 50, was left "fuming" when his son unknowingly used his account to buy 50,000 V-bucks – the shoot-em-up's virtual currency.

The control room supervisor – from Billingham, Middlesborough – only found out what had happened when his bank said he'd gone into his overdraft.

He raged: "I think this is a national issue.

“When we first bought the console my wife set up an account and secured it with a 15 digit password.

“In January or February I got my son a £50 user pass for Fortnite which lasts a year.

“Three weeks later I got an email from the bank saying I had gone over my overdraft.

“I very, very rarely go over it so I went to the bank where I discovered payments had been taken out of my account.

“I called PlayStation and spoke to PSN who take the payments, they told me the payments were all authorised.

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“Basically I got told that nothing could be done. The set up is so non-user friendly, we thought that payments could only be made with the password.

“I told some colleagues at work who told me they had heard similar stories about friends going into rent arrears and things.”

Since it launched last July, the hit game has gripped millions of children across the country and been downloaded more than 40million times.

It comes as a top psychologist warned that England will flop in the World Cup if the stars play too much Fortnite.

Steve Pope – who treated a girl of nine for addiction to Fortnite – said: "It's a no-no for me, so hopefully Gareth Southgate is listening – take the Xboxes off them before the game, Gareth!"

And in April parents were issued a chilling warning over the dangers of Fortnite after the National Crime Agency said children could be preyed on by paedophiles.

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