Devastated dad’s heartbreaking final dance with dying baby daughter before she passes away

HEARTBREAKING footage shows the last dance a doting dad had with his dying daughter.

Tot Millie McGuire has brain damage and a metabolic brain disorder and her parents have been told she will pass away.

 Dad Kevin shares a tear-jerking moment with terminally ill daughter Millie

Devastated dad Kevin, 51, organised a private gig so he could have one last dance with Millie – because he knows he'll never be able to dance with his brave daughter when she's grown up.

Even the band Stone Foundation struggle to hold back tears as NHS worker Kevin cradles Millie in his arms, to the song 'Your Balloon is Rising.'

Kevin said: "We have accepted that Millie will pass away but we refuse to get down about it as we are too busy making lovely memories with her.

"The one thing that does get to me is the knowledge I will never dance with Millie at landmark birthdays or weddings."

 Millie has survived for a year despite doctors believing she would pass away just a night after being born
 Millie is currently in hospital, where her doting parents can stay overnight
 Mum Marcia cuddles baby Millie in hospital

"I sing this song to Millie regularly but to have the lovely chaps from Stone Foundation play it for her so she can dance with her dad and celebrate her upcoming birthday is something I'll cherish forever."

Incredibly, one-year-old Millie wasn't even expected to last the night after her birth in November 2015.

 The fragile tot has received intensive medical care since being born

Every day is a struggle, with her metabolic disorder meaning that even the slightest movement in her legs could fracture her bones.

She also has to be fed daily through a tube and is on a cocktail of drugs to manage her pain.

Millie is now in hospital after doctors told the family it was time for the little girl to receive palliative care.

But despite the odds, the fighting tot will turn two at the end of this month, and Kevin and wife Marcia, alongside their children Tom, 19 and Annie, 10, are determined to make the most of the time they have left with her.

 Kevin says dancing with his daughter was a moment he'll cherish forever
 Millie has only given the family happiness and love, dad Kevin says
 The family are determined to make the most of every minute they have with Millie

Brave Kevin said: "You'll get no sad tears from me.

"I have none to shed.

"Why would I?

"Millie brings nothing but smiles and happiness – her balloon is rising.

"We made a pact that as heartbreaking as it is, Millie must come first – far, far before our own selfish thoughts.

“For that reason, we refuse to get all dour and ‘woe is me’ about the situation."

"It would interfere with us making happy memories with Millie.

“Then we really would have failed as parents and we would kick ourselves for the rest of our lives wishing that we had done this, that or the other while she was still here."

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