EasyJet passenger kicked off flight after calling stewardess 'a b****' in row over hand luggage

Christine Humphreys, 56, was set to fly from Liverpool to Malaga this morning but claims her request for help with her bag was denied.

Ms Humphreys, from Malaga, has been forced to pay for another £78 ticket as easyJet backed its crew over the incident.

She told the Liverpool Echo she struggled to fit her bag into the overhead locker as she was one of the last passengers to board the plane.

Ms Humphreys recalls asking the stewardess for help with her bag, who told her there was space at the front of the plane.

Hoping to be close to her luggage, Ms Humphreys said: "There is space here, that bag just needs to be moved around so mine can fit".

The stewardess reportedly told Ms Humphreys to move the bag herself. Shocked, she asked "can you not just do it for me?"

In a turnaround the stewardess said, "don't speak to me with that attitude", before Christine replied, "well I can't grow six inches".

The row escalated when the stewardess said Ms Humphreys would have to put her bag in the hold.

Ms Humphreys recalls handing her luggage to the stewardess who said "go take it to the front of the plane yourself".

Furious, Ms Humphreys said: "What a b****". She claimed the stewardess replied, "that's it you – off the plane now".

Easyjet said it will not tolerate "disruptive behaviour".

An EasyJet spokesperson told the newspaper: "easyJet can confirm that a passenger was not permitted to travel on flight EZY180 from Malaga to Liverpool on June 12 as a result of disruptive behaviour towards the operating crew.

"Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and the safety and well-being of passengers and crew is always easyJet's highest priority."

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