Evil mum appears to drag her son along the road attached to a moped as punishment for the boy stealing his family’s £200 life savings

A HEARTLESS mum dragged her son behind her scooter as punishment after the boy stole more than £200 of the family’s savings.

A shocking video showing the boy with his hands bound and lying prone on the road behind his mum’s electric scooter has stirred heated debates on social media about parenting.

The mum was stopped by a passing woman who was reportedly stunned to see the boy being pulled slowly along the asphalt in Ludian County in the city of Zhaotong in China’s south-western Yunnan Province.

According to the mum, her young son stole £224 of the family’s savings and would not say what he did with the cash.

The amount was almost her husband’s entire month’s wages – he brings in £337 a month – she said.

In the clip the mum admits: "I’ve been punishing him for two or three days."

The boy does not say a word throughout the short video, but he is clearly unable to free himself as both his hands are tied together and attached to the back of his mum’s scooter.

The video author, who said the woman dragged her son "like a dog", tells the mum: "Forget a biological mother. Not even a stepmum is allowed to treat a child like this!"

Ludian County police said in an official statement that the mum was questioned and the boy was unharmed.

The mother claimed she was only trying to "scare" her son into coughing up the money or at least revealing what he did with it.

She has been given a verbal warning and will not be punished, but it is unclear whether the money has been found.

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