Ex-patient’s protests getting under dermatologists’ skin

This Manhattan dermatologist can make blemishes disappear– but not an angry ex-patient who claims he botched her laser facial treatments.

Dr. Eric Schweiger​ ​– who has 26 offices in the New York metro area​ ​– is suing to banish former client Bozena Ginalski from the city sidewalks near his Manhattan locations.

The 38-year-old Brooklyn resid​​ent is “making a loud and public nuisance of herself,” the doc gripes in the new Manhattan Supreme Court suit.

Specifically​,​ Ginalski stood at the corner of Park Avenue and 40th Street​ ​– about 15 blocks north of the dermatologist’s Murray Hill office​ ​– on July 14 with a large poster that read, “BEWARE OF DR. ERIC SCHWEIGER AKA ‘THE BUTCHER’ & MADOFF OF DERMATOLOGY,” according to court papers and an image of the former patient attached to the suit.

Three days later Ginalski positioned herself just two blocks from Schweiger’s W. 19th Street clinic with the same sign while she told passersby “beware of Dr. Eric Schweiger…”he ruined my face,” according to court papers.

Ginalski first walked into Schweiger’s E. 55th Street practice in January 2011 for a laser facial procedure. Because she was unhappy with the results she was not charged, but she still came back for a second, $1,125 treatment, the suit says.

She continued to complain so Schweiger gave her a a full refund plus $4,000 in exchange for signing a non-disparagement agreement, according to court papers.

But Ginalski wasn’t giving up, the suit says she texted the doc’s personal cell phone warning that she was going to “spread dirty secrets,” in 2014 then followed him near his Murray Hill office in 2015.

Schweiger even filed a police harassment complaint.

Then this summer the ex-patient upped her “crusade to publicly disparage” the doc with the sidewalk stunts, he fumes in the suit.

The dermatologist​ ​– whose business received $20 million in funding from the debt company Triangle Capital Corp​​. for expansion in June​ ​– is suing for $5 million.

Ginalski did not immediately return a message for comment.

​Schweiger​ is​ defending two medical malpractice lawsuits from other former patients including one where a woman who underwent facial laser treatments to erase scarring on her cheek says the procedure made the scar worse.

​He responded in court papers that the patient knew the “dangers and risks” associated with the treatment.

Source: http://nypost.com/2017/07/24/ex-patients-protests-getting-under-dermatologists-skin/

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