Footie fan awakens from deadly coma when family play his team’s chants

A COMATOSE football fan just an hour from death woke up when his family played his team’s terrace chants.

Tony Kemp, 59, suffered a brain aneurysm — a blood vessel bulge — that caused a mini-stroke.

 Tony Kemp was left comatose on life support after suffering a brain aneurysm

An 18-hour op left him in a coma. Docs planned to turn off his life support in 48 hours if he showed no recovery signs.

But an hour before the deadline, the dad of three was roused by wife Danna playing songs from his team, Plymouth Argyle, as a last resort.

Danna, 45, said: “I’d got a call from the surgeon, who asked me to go and speak to him. My first thought was, ‘He’s gone’.

“We were told that if he didn’t show any signs, his life support would be turned off in 48 hours.

 Doctors had set a 48-hour limit on turning off Tony Kemp's life support if he showed no signs of recovery

“He pushed it to the limit. We tried talking to him, squeezing his hand and playing him music.

“I brought the kids to see him. We decided to play some Argyle chants, then he opened his eyes.”

The main one boasted: “Plymouth Argyle Supreme are the finest this beautiful county has seen."

Their joy was dampened when nurses said he would need a tracheotomy tube to breathe.

Yet a day later, Tony again defied the odds by being recovering enough to have it removed.

He was even well enough to watch football on Danna’s iPad.

The Plymouth grandad is on the mend at home and has been to watch his League One heroes play.

 But Tony's family played his football team's chants
 The grandad again defied the odds by being recovering enough to have tracheotomy tube removed

Dog microchipper Danna said: “He’s walking and going to the shop independently. But his memory’s not what it was.

“He once knew all the players. Now he asks, ‘Where is so-and-so?’ but they left ages ago.

“He thought he worked for an employer he left eight years ago and can’t remember his mum died.”

She says it is because his op was on part of the brain that governs memory.

 Tony Kemp with wife Danna, who woke him with chants from the Barnet Brothers

Former courier Tony had surgery after three earlier ops did not shrink the aneurysm.

Danna woke him with chants from the Barnet Brothers, a duo that often plays at games.

She has now organised a bash to raise funds for two groups that helped him.


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