Four crack Albanian squaddies vanish from army training mission in Britain

FOUR crack Albanian commandos are feared to be in hiding after vanishing on a training mission in Britain.

Details of last month’s disappearance were kept quiet while police and the MoD launched a hunt.

But the men — identified as Reni Ajazi, Ylber Kotri, Aleksander Shkulaku and Klevis Lamkaj — are thought to be lying low in  the close-knit Albanian community.

They face up to five years in jail for desertion.

They were among 11 Albanians on the Nato exercise in mid-Wales whose flights and accommodation, including a final night in London, were paid for by the MoD. A source said: “They were supposed to return to barracks and fly back the next day.”

A military source in the Albanian capital Tirana said: “Top Brass are fuming. The families of the missing men have been questioned and the investigation is proceeding in Britain and Albania.”

The exercise, run by the Brecon-based 160th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Wales, saw 139 teams from around the world compete in challenges. They  included a 60km march across the Black Mountains.

The missing Albanians — Afghan veterans said to be among their commandos’ elite — earned £220 a month.

Dritan Demiraj, former head of the Albanian ­Special Forces, wrote on Facebook: “I consider their behaviour unacceptable.

“I know they are not paid well and work in difficult circumstances but what they did was totally unjustified.

“They travelled to Britain to represent Albania in a military exercise and I ask them to return to their country as soon as possible.’’” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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