Girlfriend, 22, relives horrific six-hour battering at hands of abusive lover who hit her over head with plank of wood

A BRAVE victim of domestic abuse has relived the horrific six-hour-long assault by her lover where she was repeatedly strangled and hit with a plank of wood.

Kirby Weegram begged beast Jonathan Graham to let her write a final letter to her family as she feared she would die at his hands.

The brutal attack left the 22-year-old with lacerations and bruises over her entire body, as well as black eyes, and a popped nose and a haemorrhage in her left eye from the lack of oxygen due to strangulation.

On the night of the attack on August 19 last year carer Kirby bumped into Jonathan on an evening out before heading to his flat in Hartlepool, Co Durham, where her ordeal took place.

She said: "When we got in, I went straight into the toilet and he followed me in and punched me to the side of the head.

"I fell to the ground and he started kicking and punching me.

"I tried to escape into the bedroom but he followed me and pushed me onto the bed and tried to suffocate me under the duvet. He strangled me about six or seven times.

"He said 'you are never leaving this flat, I'm going to kill you tonight'.

"I was in pain all over my body. I was trapped for six hours whilst he abused me both physically and mentally.

"He spat and me and threw things at me.

"I genuinely thought that I was going to die. I begged him to let me write a final letter to my family, but he said that I didn't deserve to do that.

"He told me 'you should be lucky that I'm not a sexual deviant or I would rape you'."

The 32-year-old bit into a wine glass and started chewing the glass whilst telling his terrified victim "this is how indestructible I am".

He also told her that he was going to kill himself and frame her for his murder.

It wasn't until Kirby told Graham that she had a shift at work that he decided to let her go.

At Teesside Crown Court Graham, of, Hartlepool, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and threats to kill and was jailed for 21 months.

Kirby is now hoping to raise awareness of Clare’s Law – a scheme which allows people to check from the police if their partner has a history of domestic violence.

It’s named after 36-year-old Clare Wood who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2009.

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