THERESA MAY's flagship Brexit Bill could be delayed for a second time, it has been revealed today.

MPs had expected next week's timetable to feature the legislation to transfer EU law into British law – but now it might not be on the cards for weeks.

 Theresa May is facing rebellions from her backbenches over the Brexit Bill

A source told the BBC that there was not "not enough political agreement yet" – and the Guardian reported Labour are expecting the delay too.

A total of 300 amendments and 54 new clauses have been tabled to amend the legislation, which forced the plans to be put on ice last week.

Some 13 amendments have enough support from Tory MPs such as former Attorney General Dominic Grieve to defeat the Government.

Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom said that the key bit of legislation would not be debated as planned, as the Government struggled to deal with the pile of amendments.

 Andrea Leadsom is expected not to list the Bill on the agenda for next week

One of the biggest flash points is so-called "Henry VIII" powers which would give Ministers the right to change laws as they're repatriated without full Parliamentary scrutiny to ensure it be done in time for March 2019.

If it gets delayed again until after the November break, it could be difficult for MPs to find time to fit it in and pass it by Christmas.

And after it clears the Commons, it then has to go to the House of Lords for further scrutiny.

The Government has no majority there, and like with the EU Withdrawal Bill earlier this year, Lords are sure to tack on a number of changes.

The shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, said that the Brexit strategy was "in paralysis".

Labour have said they won't vote against the Bill in its current form – but may do if some of its changes are accepted.

He said: "The negotiations are in deadlock and now a crucial piece of legislation is facing further delay.

"Theresa May cannot unite her cabinet or her party behind this deeply flawed bill. There are now serious questions about whether the prime minister can deliver Brexit."

 Sir Keir Starmer has said there is a chance Mrs May can't deliver Brexit

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