Henry Vincent's funeral sees family stick fingers up from procession of eight limos at £100k event as 2,000 mourners expected and lone resident blockades hero OAPs road

Career criminal Vincent, 37, died after being stabbed as he broke into OAP Richard Osborn-Brooks' house in Hither Green, South East London, on April 3.

Black Mercedes limos covered in garish flower displays to "Henry Boy" have set off on the five-mile journey from his mum's home in Swanley, Kent, to St Mary's Cray, near Orpington, South East London.

Family members were pictured swearing at passers-by during the procession.

Floral tributes of a Smirnoff Vodka bottle, boxing ring, a truck towing a caravan, purple BMW car and a red van were perched on limo roofs.

Two funeral directors with top hats walked in front of the silver Mercedes hearse carrying Vincent's coffin with "daddy" spelt out in red flowers.

A huge line of cars then followed behind the limos as the cortege headed on to the A20 towards South East London.

Tempers flared as mourners began to arrive at St Mary's Church in St Mary Cray.

Cops were forced to intervene after a gang of youths began hurling eggs at photographers, TV camera crews and passers-by.

One shaven head thug hurled a drink can as the huge procession circled the town for about two hours.

One male mourner held a picture of Vincent aloft and bellowed: "The King is Dead".

Up to 2,000 family and friends of the notorious Vincent family have congregated for the funeral to the stabbed burglar.

Mourners are said to be planning to sing Celine Dion’s classic "I’m Your Angel", R Kelly’s "If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time" and "Dreams" by The Corrs.

Around 200 family and friends will pack out the church for the 30-minute service.

Vincent's body laid in an open casket for three days so family and friends could pay their respects, a mourner has revealed.

The criminal was kept in a green and blue DIY gazebo outside his mum's home since Tuesday.

A close family friend said: "His mum is devastated, she has not left the house at all for days.

"After the funeral we're coming back to the mum's house for the wake and there will be a massive bonfire."

Meanwhile, a resident has parked his car across a junction to stop the procession from passing the home of hero Richard, 78, who killed him.

Dave, 57, who refused to give a second name, described himself as "a concerned resident".

Last month he was filmed ripping down tributes left by Vincent's family outside Richard's home.

Speaking today, he told The Sun: "We have planned to have people here all day.

"We don't know if it is going to happen, but until then, we don't know who is going to turn up.

"We can't allow them to come around here."

Scotland Yard yesterday said the cortege will not pass Richard's Hither Green home.

But a spokesman today confirmed it will step up patrols in the area for "community reassurance".

And a group of local residents are set to gather in the surrounding streets.

One told The Sun: "I've heard the police said that the travellers don't intend to go past there now.

"It could be a ploy to put us off so we should attend to make sure."

Resident Iain Gordon last month urged people to join him on a “manhunt game” where they will help him “take out the trash”.

Residents fear Vincent’s friends could clash with the community when the horse-drawn procession takes place.

A Met Police spokesman said: "We have been informed of plans for the funeral of Mr Vincent and we are of the understanding that the funeral, and the procession, is not due to take place in Lewisham."

Family of friends of Vincent are expected to gather at a family home in Swanley, Kent.

The funeral cortege will then follow a horse-drawn hearse to a church in St Mary Cray near Orpington, Kent for the service – close to Vincent's grandparents' home.

A turf-war broke out between mourners and furious residents after Vincent's family laid tributes to the career criminal outside Richard's home.

Meanwhile Vincent's fraudster dad is reportedly living on a £1.7million farm.


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