Hero climber rescued two dogs stranded for 48 hours up a freezing mountain

A HERO climber rescued two dogs stranded for 48 hours up a freezing mountain.

Cash the terrier and Lilah the Alsatian got lost in blizzards near the top of a 3,117ft peak.

Owner Colette Kilroy, 27, feared the worst after taking them up Helvellyn in the Lake District on Sunday.

Scott Pilling, 37, answered her online plea and joined the hunt — but went on the peak’s quieter eastern slopes “which were in full winter conditions”.

He then saw a “faint black dot” after about two hours and spotted one move through a pair of borrowed binoculars.

Scott and two walkers headed to the dogs, who were under a huge overhang of snow near the summit, precariously perched above a sheer drop.

He tied a rope above and eased himself down over the cornice, where he saw Lilah sheltering Cash, whose fur was covered in icicles.

Scott said: “It was amazing to see.”

They built a makeshift ramp in the snow and Scott threw Cash for the others to catch. But Lilah was terrified and bit Scott — eventually coming down on her own after five attempts.

A group of off-duty firefighters brought the dogs down on Tuesday and reunited them with their owner.

Overjoyed Colette, 27, of Liverpool, said the dogs “were absolutely fine”. She added of Scott: “You are a hero and my dogs’ guardian angel. Thank you for risking your life for them.”

Scott, a coachbuilder of Horwich, Lancs, said: “It was a team effort.”

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