Horrific injuries of boy, 14, who smashed every bone in his face in BMX crash

A TEEN has revealed his shocking injuries after falling from his BMX and smashing every single bone in his face.

Grady Russell, 14, also lost three teeth, crushed two vertebrates in his back, suffered a bleed on the brain and needed five hours of intensive surgery in a specialist theatre.

 Grady Russell, 14, was left a bloodied mess after his fall from his BMX

The schoolboy was doing an air trick on his bike at a local skate park in St Ives, Cambs, on September 29 when he slammed face-first into a 10ft ramp.

His panic-stricken mum Julie, 44 – who works at a law firm – rushed to the scene after getting a call from another lad telling her that her son had been hurt.

She said: "It's an absolute miracle that he's survived, I call him my little iron man because he's been so, so brave.

"The boy who called me was at the skate park with Grady and said that Grady had lost loads of blood and some teeth, it sounded terrible and I drove straight over."

 The accident happened when Grady was riding his BMX at a local skate park

When Julie got to the scene one paramedic was already tending to her son and his father, Stuart, 52, was calling for another ambulance.

Julie said: "There was blood everywhere and his face was an absolute mess.

"Grady was saying over and over, 'Am I dying? Am I dying?'"

"The ambulance came and they put a neck brace on him, put him on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

"I got into the ambulance with him and he was blue-light straight to hospital.

"Stuart drove in his car behind, he was seen straight away at the hospital and the doctor said that he'd need to see a specialist.

"I went with him to Addenbrookes where he had a CT scan and went straight into theatre.

"It was a life or death situation and I was terrified, I haven't left his side throughout – I have to thank The Sick Children's Trust for providing me with accommodation throughout the time Grady was in hospital."

 Grady broke all 14 bones in his face and smashed several of his teeth

Grady was put into an induced coma and was on a ventilator to breathe for him while he was recovering in hospital.

He fractured all 14 bones in his face.

The teen broke his eye sockets, cheekbones and his nose and split the roof of his mouth and both his upper and lower jaws.

Julie said: "He had to have six metal plates screwed into various parts of his jaw and a probe inserted into his skull to check the pressure inside his head.

"He's been on morphine, muscle relaxants, everything – he's just come out today and he's made a fantastically quick turnaround because he really is so, so fit.

"Grady spends every spare second of his on his bicycle and is desperate to get back on, but the doctors say that he needs to wait until at least the next year, and will have to wear a full face helmet if and when he does.

"He'd just had his braces taken out the day before the accident, and we've now learnt that if he'd still had them in, he'd probably have lost more teeth."

 The teen was put into an induced coma and was on a ventilator to breathe

After five hours of surgery to restore Grady's facial structure, doctors are still unsure about his future but are amazed at his speedy recovery so far.

Julie added: "When Grady's over 18, he'll be able to get porcelain teeth – we're just taking it step by step for now and everyday he's getting so much better.

"Obviously one of the main things that Grady is worried about is the permanent damage that will be done to his face, but he's getting better every day.

"Doctors have also alerted us to other possible future problems, like chronic fatigue and loss of concentration, which we have to warn the school to look out for.

"He'll have to be slowly introduced back into school in a few weeks, firstly just for shorter days and then for full days but with longer breaks.

"I'm so grateful that he was wearing his helmet, the doctors have said that his head injury would have been far worse if he was not wearing one."

 Grady was told he is lucky to be alive after the horrific skate park accident

Julie said the council should put up warning signs about the importance of wearing a helmet when using the ramps.

She said: "I would like to thank the two boys who thought really quickly to get my son's phone and get his fingerprint to call me and then call an ambulance.

"Their quick thinking has probably saved my son's life."

A spokesman for Huntingdonshire District Council said: "The council takes safety very seriously and we have signs to promote safety at the skate park in Hill Rise and all parks managed by the district council.

"We are very concerned to hear of this accident and wish Grady a full and speedy recovery."

The spokesman added: "We are happy to work with his parents to raise awareness of wearing helmets which do save lives."

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