Hundreds of firefighters battle massive inferno at Bronx apartment block just days after blaze that killed 12

OVER two hundred firefighters battled for hours to stamp out a massive blaze as it tore through a Bronx apartment building – a week after 12 died in New York's deadliest fire for years.

The vast inferno broke out at 5:30am in a first-floor furniture store, leaving one person seriously injured as it spread upwards.

Desperate firefighters broke windows to get residents out of the building as the fire continued to rage in the upper floors.

One woman ran down the hall banging on doors to alert her neighbours, while another resident escaped in the nick of time with her two children and their dog.

“I woke up my husband, my kids and said listen there’s a fire in the building,” she told WABC. “By the time we opened the door in the hallway, there was black smoke.”

The displaced residents were placed on an nearby bus so they could keep warm while firefighters continued battling the inferno.

Local cops said that 11 others suffered non-life threatening injuries in the blaze.

This fire comes just days after 12 people were killed in the city’s deadliest fire in more than a quarter-century.

Last week's fire was started when a three-year-old boy ignited his mum's apartment by fiddling with her stove in the early hours of the morning.

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