Liverpool University bosses accused of squandering £117,000 on luxury travel expenses

The sum was blown in less than three years, figures show.

One senior manager at Liverpool University spent more than £10,000 attending a conference in the US, with chauffeur-driven airport transfers.

Deputy vice-chancellor Patrick Hackett splashed out £765.59 on one night at a Sydney hotel.

Union officials called a string of expenses for five-star hotels and first-class travel “outrageous”.

They could have saved £113,000 in 34 months if staff had travelled standard class on planes and trains – the equivalent cost of funding four students through their whole three-year degree courses.

The figures, described by union members as likely to be “underestimates”, apply between January 1, 2015, to October last year.

On top of luxury hotel stays, the figures showed £92,487.43 could have been saved if all plane journeys were taken in economy class instead of first class during that period.

And £20,231.55 would have been saved if all train journeys were switched from first class to standard class.

The news comes after five days of industrial action at the university in just two weeks.

One member at the university said: “It feels like a smack in the face.

“We haven’t had a pay rise since 2009.”

A University spokesman said: “We always select the most appropriate accommodation.”

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