Man abducted, beaten by thugs over missing cash: cops

A man was abducted off a Queens street and driven around for hours as his captors beat and slashed him while demanding to know the whereabouts of a large sum of money, police said.

First responders found the 28-year-old man’s battered body lying on the ground near the corner of 88th St. and Liberty Ave. in Ozone Park around 7 a.m. and rushed him to Jamaica Hospital.

The hours long ordeal started as man was returning to his home near the corner of 149th street near Hook Creek Blvd. in Rosedale around 4 a.m. when a group of men grabbed him and shoved him into a minivan, where he was tied up and blindfolded.

The group of approximately four to six men pummeled him for hours and slashed him in several places with a knife while demanding to know the whereabouts of a safe containing cash, sources said.

As the hours-long torture session continued, the men took the victim’s house keys and drove back to his home around around 6 a.m.

The men then barged into the apartment and started terrorizing the victim’s 28-year-old girlfriend, again demanding cash.

After being pistol whipped, the woman explained there was no cash in the home, police said. The men stole her wallet and left.

They continued driving around with the injured man before finally dumping him in Ozone park.

The victim’s injuries weren’t life threatening, cops said. No arrests have been made.


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