Moment have-a-go hero lorry driver stops hammer-wielding moped thieves by blocking them in

A BRAVE lorry driver single-handedly stopped a group of hammer-wielding moped thieves with his vehicle.

Astonishing footage shows the moment the driver of a Brakes Food lorry blocked the thugs trying to free a chained moped in West London on Friday.

 This is the moment the driver wedges his vehicle between the thug and the moped that was almost stolen on Friday

A horrified onlooker began recording the thieves from the moment they positioned themselves close to the parked mopeds.

One gets off a bike, preparing to break the moped free, while others remain ready to flee.

But seconds later the lorry driver approaches the group, and wedges his vehicle between the chained moped and the thieve.

Annoyed at the hero driver, one thug throws a tantrum on the pavement, struggling to find another way to rob the parked vehicle.

 This crook was irate after the Brakes Food driver blocked their attempt to steal the parked vehicle in West London


 The fearless driver left onlookers so shocked, they stopped to stare on the pavement, despite being so close to the hammer-wielding thieves
 After circling the truck a number of times, to find a way around it, the thugs fled the scene

The crook continues to pace up and down the pavement, signalling to his accomplices to find another way.

But since the driver showed no signs of moving, they gave up and fled the scene.

Amazed at the driver's bravery, one social media user said: Hope the lorry driver @Brakes_Food gets rewarded for this. Too man."

Another added: "Top man well done."

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