Mum of four apologises in a heartbreaking letter before she jumped in front of a train

She kissed her partner goodbye on his 50th birthday before going to the train station

Charlotte Cash, 35, kissed her partner Andrew Tollitt goodbye as he headed out for work after opening his cards on his 50th birthday.

Charlotte Cash leaves behind four children

Charlotte Cash leaves behind four children

She then wrote the devastating letter before heading to a railway station near her home in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

The note read: “I’m sorry for this but I have to go. Been feeling this for weeks. I love you so much and the kids. Look after them.

“Love you forever. I feel like scum. Been put down so much.’’

Miss Cash, who suffered from depression, had been in a 13-year relationship with divorcee Mr Tollitt.

But she harboured insecurities about his ex-wife and had attempted suicide on previous occasions by taking an overdose and trying to hang herself at work.

She left a heartbreaking text to her partner right before she jumped in front of a London-bound train

She left a heartbreaking letter to her partner right before she jumped in front of a London-bound train

He told Bolton Coroner’s Court: “It got quite bad that at one point I wasn’t allowed to watch TV programmes with women in them.

“We had been in a relationship for 13 years and lived together on and off for 10 years.

“I was aware of her mental health issues and that she was taking sleeping tablets and in the year or so coming up to her death she appeared to become more ill.

“She had four children who she had a good relationship with but she kept quite a lot from me.

“She would say that she was popping out to see a friend and then not return home until the early hours.

“She did keep photos of us together and she was caring.”

Charlotte Cash committed suicide on her partner's birthday

Charlotte Cash committed suicide on her partner’s birthday

On February 17, Miss Cash, a carer, jumped into the path of the London bound train as it pulled into the platform.

Commuters – including Olympic athlete Jenny Meadows – watched in horror as the train driver had no time to apply the emergency brake.

Olympic Athlete Jenny Meadows was a witness

Olympic Athlete Jenny Meadows was a witness

Mr Tollitt said he arrived to police who told him she’d been hit by a train.

He said: “’It was my birthday and I got up and opened my birthday cards.

“I went back upstairs to give her a kiss and left around 6.30am. I got a number of texts from her expressing her feelings but not any intent.

“I got home around 6.45pm and tried to call and contact her but at 8pm British transport police arrived and informed me that she had been hit by a train.”

Martin Kemp who witnessed the tragedy while waiting to catch the 3.09pm to Euston, said: “It looked to me that she was upset.

“The woman jumped towards the track and placed herself over the rails. I just saw her disappear with a thud.’’

Recording a conclusion of suicide Coroner John Pollard said: “She was obviously desperately upset and confused.

“I would like to give my condolences to the family and also to the train driver. We sometimes forget the devastating effect these incidents have on them.’’

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