Now you can buy Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Christmas CRACKERS – called ’Weapons of Xmas Destruction’

A NOVELTY firm has launched a set of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un festive crackers called "Weapons of Xmas Destruction" guaranteed to make Christmas go with a BANG.

The makers say the newly-launched gimmicks, emblazoned with nuclear radiation warning signs,  are inspired by two world leaders who seem "hell-bent on destroying the world."

Each cracker contains a "motivational quote" from one of the two leaders, a crown, badges with the American President or the leader of North Korea on them, and a test tube of fake "high grade Plutonium".

Manufacturer ZAK states: "What better way to get the whole family ready for nuclear holocaust."

Matthew Bennett, of the company, added: "We specialise in creating big ideas that engage the under 30s, and this year we’ve heard this audience telling us that the current global political status quo frankly p***es them right off.

"They feel that the egos of our leaders are motivating their political actions, not the interests of the people they serve.

"We’re having a dig at Trump and Kim’s very recent actions, but the bigger picture is more reminiscent of the political environment of the early 80s – paranoia, mistrust and division.

"We want to make people stop and think about that, but do it in a way that undermines the egos of the idiots running the show.”

Punters can snap up the bizarre crackers – which are sure to become collectors items –  for £21.95 a box at'Weapons%20of%20Xmas%20destruction'” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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