Older people have been subjected to torrents of abuse since Brexit vote, Age UK warns

OLDER people are being subject to more abuse since the Brexit vote, charity chiefs have warned.

Age UK bosses said 'Baby Boomer' was being used as a term of abuse as young people felt they were "stealing their future".

Around three quarters of 18 to 24 year-olds backed Remain, whereas around 60 per cent of 50 to 64 year olds were likely to have backed leave, YouGov thought.

And turnout was much higher among older people too.

Charity chiefs said there was a clear "demonisation of older people" after the vote.

Speaking at the Future of Ageing Conference yesterday, Age UK's Head of Public Policy, Jane Vass said: "in some cases [people said] 'take away their votes".

"Older people stealing their children's future was the standard wording," she added.

Former Head of Public Affairs at Help the Aged, Kate Jopling, said: "There was a casual use of demonising and divisive language – the banding around of stereotypes about who older people are, about their economic circumstances, their motivations and even their ability to form rational judgements."

They deemed it "age discrimination" and said that it arose because of "inequalities in wealth between generations".

She said that "Baby Boomers used to be talked about as the generation that were going to change everything, now it is almost a term of abuse."

But the experts also acknowledged that there were underlying issues linked to generational division that existed beforehand.

They said this was down to divides in "housing and wealth" too.

After the referendum last year the United Nations said the elderly were suffering from ageist abuse.

Independent expert Rosa Kornfield said it was linked to "violence and abuse against them in public and private spheres as scapegoating and stereotyping nourish subconscious motives."

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