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ISLAMORADA, Fla. — In at least one area of the hard-hit Florida Keys, residents were left facing a new world of devastation, in which boats became lawn ornaments and power tools were needed just to get inside homes.

One resident in this village in the middle Keys told The Post she found a 42-foot sailboat in her yard.

“We walked around it. We just don’t expect this. This is something you find in the movies when a boat pops up magically in someone’s yard,” said Annamarie Morejon, 52. “I know the boat came from the Atlantic because you can tell where it took out our seawall.”

Patty Purdo was forced to cut open the side of her trailer home with a chain saw to get in.

“I knew I would lose it,” Purdo said of the home.

“We came back to see if there was stuff we could salvage. We cut a doorway in there, took a chain saw and cut that open, so I can salvage a few more things.”

Sharon Noeller, 60, a waitress, whose trailer was destroyed held a cross and cried as she talked.

“There were about 100 trailers here and I am horrified,” she said. “There are just no words for this, I’ve seen people go through this on TV and of course you don’t think you’ll be that person –and overnight you’re that person. Its devastating and this is a home I created, decorated, and made so beautiful. It was our little oasis to come home to after work every night. I didn’t want to come today but I had to see it for myself.”

Capt. George Campbell “Snapshot”, 62, was philosophical as he surveyed his severely damaged roof.

“This is the price you pay for living in paradise, at least it’s not cold,” he said.

The National Guard is working with local officials to get supplies into the area.

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Source: http://nypost.com/2017/09/13/residents-returning-home-stunned-by-horrifying-scope-of-irmas-destruction/

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