Rio Carnival heats up with floats celebrating gun-toting favela gangsters, Victoria’s Secret models and wild ‘sex dancing’ in skimpy outfits

RIO'S world-famous carnival showed off its dark side with a parade of floats featuring gun-toting gangsters, sex-crazed skeletons and zombies.

One float was even made up to look like a favela with everyday scenes of life including kidnappings, shootings and a body in a coffin with the stark message "another bit of hope lost."

On another, revellers dressed as corrupt businessmen and politicians, their pockets bulging with dollars, handing out wads of fake cash.

More than six million people lined the streets of Rio for the annual celebrations, which pit the city’s 13 best samba schools against one another in ornate parades that can cost over £1.5m a piece.

Tensions between the have and have-nots in Rio reach an all-time high around Carnival time and this year was no exception.

The city beefed up its police force to around 17,000 for the festival after the federal government denied a request for troops to help enforce security.

Here are a selection of the best pix:

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