Rose McGowan claims she told Ben Affleck after being sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein only for him to reply ’Goddamn it’

ROSE McGowan has claimed she told Ben Affleck that she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein only for him to reply "I told him to stop doing that".

The star, 44, says she went to an event straight after the incident during the 1997 Sundance Film Festival where she says she confided in her Phantoms co-star.

Speaking to ABC's Good Morning America host Robin Roberts, she said: "I looked at him and I must have had tears in my eyes and I remember shaking and I said I had just came from meeting with him .

"I said his name and he said 'Goddamn it, I told him to stop doing that'."

Affleck has previously denied this allegation, though is yet to respond this week.

"Why I remembered it was just so strange. When things happen to you, you file them away… you analyse every move that happens."

She added: "Everybody knew… I know that, I was there. People think I don't know these people and they're on the outside looking in.

"Someone asked me who I would be if I was a character in the Wizard of Oz and I was like I would be the curtain.

"I would be the one that saw both sides, that nobody noticed, that was pretty and to be used and discarded when they were done."

It comes as the Charmed actress prepares to release her memoir Brave, in which she reveals in graphic detail the moment Weinstein allegedly assaulted her in a Jacuzzi in his hotel room.

She claims the movie mogul took of his clothes and performed a sex act on her while touching himself.

"I freeze, like a statue," McGowan, who reached a £70,000 settlement with Weinstein, writes in the book seen by the New York Times.

What we know so far

Discussing the allegations on television on Tuesday, McGowan said: "When he grabbed me I thought, 'I hope I still have lipstick on', for the camera, so you're brain is in another place and your body is like 'what, what, what'."
After the alleged assault, McGowan said her lawyer told her that no one would believe her in court and others “counselled me to see it as something that would help my career in the long run”.

Weinstein's rep said in a statement: "Mr Weinstein denies Ms McGowan’s allegations of non-consensual sexual contact.

"Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances."

McGowan is one of up to 100 women to accuse Weinstein, 65, of sex abuse. including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, Brit model Cara Delevingne and actress Asia Argento.

Weinstein was forced out of his own company in the wake of the scandal and is currently at a sex rehab clinic in Arizona.'abuse'” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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