Shocking moment evil female yobs urinate on a homeless man’s bedding before SETTING FIRE to it

A HEARTLESS young woman has pleaded guilty to setting a homeless man's bedding and clothes on fire – after URINATING on them.

Nicola King, 22, together with pal Jerely Evans, was captured in shocking CCTV footage on April 9 briefly befriending the vulnerable victim, before hurling abuse at him.

 The heartless pair could be seen on CCTV laughing at they destroyed the homeless man's possessions
 All of Mr.Ransom's possessions were burnt in the fire
 Evans and King were initially friendly to Mr. Ransom, before suddenly hurling abuse at him

When homeless Roy Ransom, who had been sleeping rough outside shops in Portsmouth city centre, tired of their abuse and walked off, Evans tried for seven minutes to set light to his bedding with a lighter.

Not content with just burning Mr. Ransom's only worldly belongings, King also urinated on them.

Richard Withney of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "The defendants soiled and destroyed the only possessions that the homeless man had, leaving him without any bedding or a blanket.

"The court heard the statement of the victim who stated after the incident that 'he was gutted and could not believe that all his possessions had gone."

 Evans tried for SEVEN minutes to set fire to the bedding with a lighter
 The victim was sleeping rough in a shop doorway in Portsmouth city centre
 Nicola King pleaded guilty to arson at Portsmouth magistrates court
 King's pal Jerely Evans previously pleaded guilty to arson and criminal damage

Evans previously pleaded guilty to arson and criminal damage, serving a four month sentence.

King is due to be sentenced on October 27, but Ayisha Robertson, defending, asked magistrates to consider a community sentence in light of King's decision to switch her plea to guilty.

Devastated Roy said in a statement: "Everything I own was in the entrance of that doorway.

"I can't stress how gutted and sad I am for this loss.

"I have literally lost everything."

A report last year by the charity Crisis found that shockingly, more than half of rough sleepers surveyed reported having their personal belongings stolen, and in 7% of cases, had been urinated on.



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