South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympic stadium hit by raging winds so strong it has to be EVACUATED amid blistering cold and norovirus outbreak

RAGING winds have been wreaking havoc at the Winter Olympics, where a stadium had to be evacuated because of powerful gusts.

Adverse weather has been causing problems for athletes and spectators alike at the Games in South Korea.

The majority of Alpine skiing events have been postponed due to the fierce winds.

And the Olympic Park itself in the coastal city of Gangneung was evacuated today amid safety concerns.

Howling gales knocked over tents and signs and even sent fridges flying, according to reports.

An announcement in Korean and English advised fans to shelter indoors before cops cleared the area.

And workers rushed to take down some of the bigger tents before they collapsed and injured someone.

Craig Randell, a start crew technician working on his third Olympics, said conditions were unlike anything he has seen before.

But he added the Games spirit of cooperation was helping workers cope with tough 12-hour shifts.

He said: "I've never in my life experienced this calibre of wind in over 15 years of course working.

"Maybe not this much cold either."

Workers are now putting in overtime shifts to ensure the slopes are ready for action when the gusts finally subside.

Wednesday's women's slalom was moved at the last minute to Friday as the swirling winds at the Yongpyong Alpine Centre were deemed unacceptable for fair competition.

And only one of four scheduled races has been run so far because of strong winds at both hills being used.

Officials are now trying to make sure all 11 races get completed.

The disruption caused by the weather comes on the back of a norovirus outbreak at the Games.

There have been 177 confirmed cases of the bug, with fears it could spread from staff to athletes.

Some 1,200 security staff were quarantined after the initial outbreak in the run-up to the opening ceremony.

And organisers were forced to draft in troops to replace the missing manpower.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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