Teacher mum-of-three, 41, romped with pupil after seducing him with saucy pics in her undies

A FEMALE teacher romped with a 15-year-old schoolboy after luring him with a string of raunchy messages and photos in her undies.

Twisted mum Amy Hood performed a sex act on her pupil as the pair sat in her car in his driveway and also exchanged sexually explicit text messages with another teenage boy.

The 41-year-old has since been fired from her job at Thorburn Consolidated School in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Hood escaped a one-year jail term and was instead sentenced to 15 months of house arrest after a court heard that she suffered from bipolar disorder.

Now the former sixth grade teacher – who argued she should not be found responsible for her crimes because of her illness –  has lost an appeal to have the convictions overturned.

In a ruling released yesterday, appeal judges at Nova Scotia's highest court concluded “there was absolutely no evidence the appellant was at any time psychotic”.


During the hearing the appeal judges referred to a text Hood sent to one of the students about her fears of getting caught, reports CBC News.

In in she said: "I picture a f***ing cop car showing up at the school or my house all the f***ing time.

"It's sad how much it consumes my day, and yet I try and convince myself that I'm not that f***ed up, but I must be, because I can't say no to you.”

The offences took place while Hood was teaching at the school between February and September 2013.

She made a public apology during one court hearing, admitting her deceit betrayed her students’ trust.

She said: "I am sickened that I have hurt so many people through this experience.

"There is not an hour that goes by when I am not thinking about the impact this has had on both the victims and their families' lives.


“It consumes me. As a parent of three young children myself, I can only begin to imagine the hatred and resentment their families feel.”

The appeal judges also ruled that Hood’s 15-month house arrest sentence should stand.

Chief Justice Michael MacDonald and Justice Duncan Beveridge wrote: "These were serious offences that must be denounced and deterred."

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