Terrified Warner Bros Movie World revellers filmed trapped upside down on rollercoaster

TERRIFIED theme park goers have been filmed hanging upside down on a broken down rollercoaster.

Families were seen stuck suspended in the air on a ride at Warner Bros Movie World on Australia's Golden Coast.

In the footage, you can hear a woman say: "These guys are actually stuck up there."

At least four people were suspended 21-metres in the air.

Video taken by a witness shows riders trapped aboard the Doomsday Destroyer about 12.30pm.

Movie World bosses said in a statement that the riders were upside down for three minutes and 25 seconds as a result of “ride safety operating systems” automatically engaging.

General manager Greg Yong said: “Earlier today, the ride safety operating systems automatically engaged on the Doomsday Destroyer ride at Warner Bros. Movie World.

“The guests were safe at all times and the ride continued after 3 minutes 25 seconds, with the guests exiting the ride as normal.

“We are very sorry for any inconvenience or discomfort caused to our guests, however ride safety is our first priority.”

A witness said no one was injured, but people were "crying, shaken up and red faced".

The Doomsday Destroyer opened late last year, and features two 'duelling arms' that are capable of rotating 360-degrees at high speed.


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