Trump says border wall would curb MS-13 violence

President Trump on Friday renewed his call for a border wall — saying it is needed to stop MS-13 gang members from El Salvador from re-entering the US after being deported.

“MS-13 gang members are being removed by our Great ICE and Border Patrol Agents by the thousands, but these killers come back in from El Salvador, and through Mexico, like water,” Trump tweeted.

“El Salvador just takes our money, and Mexico must help MORE with this problem. We need The Wall!” he added.

His came shortly after a “Fox & Friends” segment on incidents of violence by the gang.

On Thursday, Trump threatened to pull US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and border patrol agents out of California so the state would realize how much worse the problem of illegal immigration and gangs would be without them.

“I mean frankly, if I wanted to pull our people from California, you would have a crime mess like you’ve never seen in California,” Trump said.

“All I’d have to do is to say, ‘ICE and Border Patrol, let California alone.’ You’d be inundated, you would see crime like no one’s ever seen crime in this country,” he added in his attack against so-called “sanctuary cities” in the state.

During a White House meeting to discuss school safety on Thursday, Trump complimented Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his handling of gang violence.

“You’re doing a great job on the gangs,” Trump told the AG.


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