Ukip boss Henry Bolton admits he’s ’got a lot of things to sort out’ after affair with model, 25, is exposed but insists he is not distracted from bid to revive party

UKIP boss Henry Bolton today admitted he has "a lot of things to sort out" with his wife after he was exposed as having an affair with a 25-year-old model.

The party leader insisted his relationship with Jo Marney is not distracting him from his bid to turn round Ukip.

But he confessed the affair – exposed by The Sun last week – has caused turmoil in his private life.

Mr Bolton, 54, jilted his third wife Tatiana days before Christmas to shack up with Miss Marney, who is 29 years his junior.

After news of the affair came out, Nigel Farage praised his successor – arguing it had raised the profile of the little-known Ukip leader.

Asked during BBC2's Daily Politics if he agreed that the fling was good for Ukip, Mr Bolton said sarcastically: "It's been quite a quiet week this last week, Jo, and so I've had a lot of time to think about that subject."

He added: "Quite honestly I would not have wanted in any way the publicity that this has attracted, I would like it to die down.

"I've obviously got a lot of things to sort out in my private life – I want to get on and do it, and focus on the job in hand."

Presenter Jo Coburn asked Mr Bolton if he was worried by calls from local Ukip officials for him to quit.

He replied: "Some people have – but I'm receiving a huge amount of support as well saying, this is his private life, let's get on the agenda that he's implementing in terms of turning the internal working of the party around so that we've got a firm, solid base from which to project our politics."

Mr Bolton also shot down the suggestion by Mr Farage that there should be a second Brexit referendum to kill off demands to keep Britain in the EU.

He said he thought the former Ukip leader had misspoken, adding: "If he actually believes that, I would say he was wrong."

Mr Bolton, a former soldier and police officer who took over as party boss in September, has two children with his third wife.

But he spent Christmas with Miss Marney, a Ukip activist who has shared a string of radical far-right views online.'s%20'got%20a%20lot%20of%20things%20to%20sort%20out'%20after%20affair%20with%20model%2C%2025%2C%20is%20exposed%20but%20insists%20he%20is%20not%20distracted%20from%20bid%20to%20revive%20party” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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