Before Blake Lively was the golden-haired A-list goddess we know and love, she was just your average 10-year-old Spice Girls super fan. And there’s proof.

The internet lost its collective mind on Saturday when Spice Girls concert-goer Bria Madrid (just your average Spice Girls stan who definitely deserves a lot more recognition here) unearthed a photo of her five-year-old self posing with a big kid dressed as Baby Spice (aka Emma Bunton). Who is this “big kid,” you ask? Why, it’s none other than 10-year-old Blake Lively!

It didn’t take long for Lively to take control of the narrative, posting the photo on both her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Pretending to be someone else… since 1997 (Thanks @briaaamadrid for the photo of us at the Spice Girls concert. Sorry -not sorry- I tricked you into thinking I was @emmaleebunton)

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And while Madrid was reeling from Lively’s shout-outs, Blake was about to experience a fangirl moment of her own …

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Bunton chimed in on the photo as well, writing, “So cute, you’re rocking those pigtails,” and it nearly killed Lively—JK, but she did use a lot of skull emojis in her response:

Spice up your life. #CommentsByCelebs

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Spice up your life. #CommentsByCelebs

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Cute, Blake, but are you really surprised that a former Spice Girl knows your name? C’mon, everyone knows your name. 

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