53 ‘The Circle’-Inspired Group Chat Names For Your Very Own #CircleFam

In the Circle, there’s no shortage of clever hashtags, witty banter, and group chats. The Netflix reality show, which turns social media into a thrilling game with a $100,000 prize at the end, thrives off of friendly and calculating texts, complete with plenty of emojis. While your BFF crew isn’t trying to "block" anyone, you do have your own group chat that deserves one of these The Circle-inspired group chat names.

Together, you and your friends are the world’s strongest alliance, and most dedicated group of Circle fans. Like River (aka Lee) in Season 2, you might have sketches of each player hanging up or a tiny notebook where you keep track of The Joker’s latest moves. With your very own #CircleFam, you may play games inspired by the show, like Batter Up! and Truth or Dare, and send your results in the chat. So it should definitely sport one of these The Circle-inspired group chat names that Terilisha, Courtney, and even "Lance Bass" would approve of.

Some of these The Circle-inspired group chat names will likely remind you of the #CircleSisters who bonded in the first episodes. Others will be a total shoutout to #TooHotToHandle Chloe or Bryant and his good vibes. Pick the best Circle-inspired group chat name for your BFF crew, or your very own #CircleFam, if you will.

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