90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Kenneth Proposes to Armando!

On last week's 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Jihoon took the first real step to regaining Deavan's trust.

This week, that continued with a new home … even if their story ended on a scary note.

But Season 2, Episode 11 also shows more.

Brittany visits a mosque with Yazan and everything is going well … until he gives her a shocking ultimatum.

Tim confesses to Melyza's father and it does not go well.

But on a much lighter note (and you can see the video below), Kenneth picks the perfect spot to propose to Armando.

It's one of the sweetest moments in the history of the franchise.

1.Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

2.Kenneth is already emotional about it

3.He drives to a hotel for two reasons

4.Also, his girls are there!

5.He is nervous and excited and more

6.They set out

7.But something's up

8.He really did pick the perfect spot

9.Armando's expression changes

10.Will you marry me?

11.He said yes!

12.They had witnesses


14.Armando gets to meet Kenneth's girls!

15."This is the best day ever"

16.Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira

17.Today, they are visiting a mosque

18.This is new for her

19.Then, she meets up with Yazan

20.It was a good day!

21.He asked his uncle for help

22.Yazan is hopeful

23.The Banks Ultimatum

24.W H A T

25.N O P E

26.Yazan just wants an answer

27.He softens his approach

28.They pinky swear over it

29.Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta

30.Tim wants to tell Melyza's dad that he cheated

31.Tim fesses up

32.Melyza helps

33.That's not good

34.Cheating is no small thing

35.He gives them some solid advice

36.Tim cries, ashamed and saddened

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