A$AP Rocky Checks Club Goers For Fighting Near Pregnant Rihanna: ‘Act Like Gentlemen When Y’all In Our Presence’

You better act right while in the presence of Rihanna, or else you’ll suffer the wrath of A$AP Rocky.

The Everyday rapper has more to worry about now than ever before with his pregnant love and their 1-year-old son RZA at home, so when the two involuntarily found themselves in the midst of a scrap recently, he had no choice but to lay down the law.

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In a clip posted to The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram Monday, you can hear the 34-year-old checking nightclub goers who took their physical altercation a little too close to the Diamonds singer, who was apparently sitting in the VIP section of said nightclub, for comfort. Rocky can be heard firmly scolding them:

“Y’all n***** act like gentlemen right now, you heard? I got my lady here, y’all n***** calm that s**t down. Don’t be in the section doing all that s**t. Calm that s**t down, y’all act like gentlemen when y’all in our presence.”

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You tell ‘em, Rocky! The whole situation is honestly pretty wild all around — for those guys to be acting out like that as grown men is bad enough in and of itself, but to let it even come close to a pregnant woman is just absolutely unacceptable!

It’s unclear exactly what started the fight, or if the expecting parents knew the individuals involved, but IG users quickly made their opinions known in the comments, celebrating Rocky’s quick action:

“People be thinking you just gotta protect your lover from violence against them but it’s very CLEAR you need to protect your lover from anything that can disrupt their peace in general.”

“This is dope energy from a person who respects their partner.”

“PERIOD! Have some f**kin decorum!”

“Why y’all be fighting in the club is the real question ?”

Other users, however, questioned why Rihanna was at the club at all while carrying her second child:

“Why Is She There ? Lol But Def Loving How He Came Behind My Sis”

“I wouldn’t step foot in the club pregnant… The world is just too ghetto to be putting yourself in harms way”

However, one user pointed out that the event was apparently a “promo party” of some sort for the Love On The Brain singer:

“It was her promo party! Tf y’all mean ‘why is she there’”

All we really know for sure is if you mess with RiRi, you’re going to have some F**kin Problems with A$AP Rocky.

What are YOUR thoughts on the whole situation, Perezcious readers? Was Rocky right for defending his lady? Should Rihanna have even been there at all?? Let us know in the comments down below!

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