Adele Courtside with Rich Paul at NBA All-Star Game

Adele is trying to tune out any distractions in her life … even cameras that are right up in her face!

Adele was at the NBA All-Star Game Sunday night — no doubt showing support for BF Rich Paul — and a camera crew unsurprisingly got a shot of her.

The cameras got super close to her, but Adele just pretended they weren’t there … looking away to either side. The shot lasted an uncomfortably long time. Typically the director stays on the shot until the person they’re shooting acknowledges it, but that never happened.

Adele hasn’t been seen in public much since the cancellation of her Vegas residency… where she went online and apologized — breaking the news just one day before the first show would begin.

She’s mostly been on the down-low since the cancellation, with the exception of a night out at a gay bar in London.

This was a big night for Rich, and Adele was there to support him and watch the game. They were seated next to another musical icon — Mary J. Blige.

The game was packed with celebs like Megan Fox and her fiancée Machine Gun Kelly, Jennifer Hudson and Vanessa Bryant.

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