Ariana Grande Gets Roasted On Twitter For Mocking Fan’s Dirty Thumbnail Over Album Case Leak

Ariana Grande dissed a fan who posted a pic of the album case for ‘Sweetener’ by shading their thumbnail. Read all the heated reactions here!

Ariana Grande showed one fan absolutely no mercy after they posted a picture her album case, and now some are saying she was too brutal in clap back. It all started when someone posted a picture of someone holding the album case to Sweetener (pictured below) and Ariana insulted her thumb. No joke, she literally trolled her thumb. “I mean if somebody’s gonna leak what my hard copies looks like please handle this first…please. This music is…too good for this,” she wrote. And she wasn’t done there. She went on to write, “like a. illegal. b. I worked too damn hard for this nail to be featured on my hard copy debut. c. I can’t.”

While some thought she (wait for it) nailed this diss, some thought she may have crossed a line, considering the fact that it was a fan after all who posted the pic. One person wrote on Twitter, “Ariana grande making fun of people’s thumbs is the funniest thing ever sfsfs doesn’t she have anything better to do.” Another tweeted, “@ArianaGrande I’m so happy about the tweets that you are getting by your fans. Literally everyone is unstanning your problematic ass❤️ and remember it was a thumb and your music is not that good.”

Another went on to claim that Ariana’s shade is against what she stands for: “ariana grande acting like a 10 year old child is so funny, she was like ‘no hate, spread love all the time’ and now she’s making fun of someone bc of their thumb is a huge no.”

We’ll keep you posted on how Thumbgate proceeds. In the meantime, check out all of her pics of her in our gallery above.

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