Barbara Evans: Jenelle LIES! She’ll Never Have Custody of Jace!

Over the years, the Teen Mom franchise has given us quite a few memorable custody battles.

But most of the time, the war is fought between the kid’s parents.

Jenelle Evans has locked horns with quite a few of her baby daddies over the years — but her longest-standing custody battle is the one she’s waging against her mom, Barbara Evans.

As you’re probably aware, Babs has had custody of Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace, since the boy’s infancy.

Back in January, fans were shocked when Jenelle claimed to have custody of the boy, but it turns out that the mother of three wasn’t being completely honest.

We know, you’re shocked.

Evans lied by omission this time, leaving out such crucial details as the fact that she only has partial custody of Jace, and the 12-year-old still spends most of his time at his grandmother’s.

In other words, nothing had really changed, Jenelle just felt like sticking it to her mom by implying that she had lost custody of Jace.

“I have custody of Jace, he lives with me now full time. My kids are happy, healthy, that’s all that f—ing matters,” Evans said at the time.

Jace was living with Jenelle at the time, but only temporarily.

The arrangement was a result of the fact that the boy had been acting up at Barbara’s house.

“This decision has way more to do with Jace than Jenelle. Barbara can’t handle Jace anymore,” a source close to the situation told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“They had been getting into really bad fights and Barbara is just done with it,” the insider added.

“That’s why she agreed to allow Jace to live with Jenelle. Things had gotten so bad between Barbara and Jace.”

Frankly, we can’t think of a worse punishment for a kid than being sent to live with Jenelle and her monstrous husband, David Eason, so we guess it was a good call.

The topic came up again this week, and this time, Jenelle seemed reluctant to speak about it at all.

“So I normally don’t believe everything I read online, but it says that your mom is fighting to get your son back again?” one follower asked.

Jenelle replied that she’s not legally allowed to discuss the situation, which is convenient, as she’s totally been busted lying about it.

“Now I know you guys keep asking about my mom and Jace’s situation but right now again, another topic, it’s just not the time to talk about right now legally,” Evans said during her latest Q&A session with fans.

“Going through some stuff and I’ll let you guys know eventually.”

Of course, legal restrictions didn’t prevent Jenelle from talking about Jace a few weeks ago.

Her sudden silence on the subject is likely the result of two recent developments:

1. Jace is back living with Barbara. We don’t know exactly what prompted this decision, but it’s clear that he will not be taking up residence in Jenelle’s house full time.

2. Barbara’s lawyers likely insisted that Jenelle zip her lip and stop giving her followers a false impression of what’s going on.

It’s sad that Jace is stuck in the middle of this conflict, but having grown up with Jenelle as a mom, we’re sure he’s seen much, much worse.

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