Bella Hadid’s Response To Haters Criticizing Her Bikini Instagram Is Pretty Blunt

When you’re one of the top supermodels in the world, you’re bound to get a few trolls following you on social media every now and then. When you’re fashion royalty, though, you never let trolls get you down. Bella Hadid’s response to haters criticizing her bikini Instagram was blunt AF and showed that she’s not about to let internet commenters ruin her good time on the beach.

Despite getting a wave of positive comments on her latest Instagram post on Feb. 8, Bella ended up having to deal with a rude user in her comments section. "You look so tired," the user wrote underneath videos of the superstar posing and having fun at the beach next to a palm tree trunk. While she could have just let the remark slide, the model decided to address the comment and seriously let them have it.

"I…..was…..and just woke up….," Bella wrote in the comments. On top of informing the commenter that she had just woken up, she had already posted it as her caption, writing, "I just woke up, [danger, do not] leave a sleepy girl in the sun."

It goes without saying that the 24-year-old looked stunning in the videos, and that the trolling was only meant to get a response out of Bella. "I am…sorry that my bags…offend u," she replied to the user. Don’t apologize, Bella; the whole world knows you only possess designer bags.

Unfortunately, trolling is just one of the many tactics bitter commenters use to get a response from the celebrities they’re most obsessed with at the moment. The user probably saw Bella on their timeline, living her best life by the ocean, and got jealous of all the fun she was having in the morning sun. Pro tip: Don’t come for any of the Hadids on Instagram, because you will be dealt with immediately.

Bella doubled-down on her bikini posts despite the trolling and posted a series of mirror selfies soon after posting the original series of videos. She looks stunning on vacation in some tropical oasis, away from all the snow and gloom the northeast United States is currently facing. Honestly, we’re all jealous of Bella, but you can’t help but be happy for the smiling supermodel.

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