Blake Horstmann Opens Up About Being Blindsided By Becca Kufrin On The Bachelorette

Blake Horstmann came SO CLOSE to finding the love of his life in Becca Kufrin on Monday night’s The Bachelorette.

Well, to be honest, Blake thought he’d found her — until Becca informed him she was going with Garrett Yrigoyen instead, crushing the Colorado native’s heart, and making for a particularly tear-filled scene out in the Maldives.

Now, the runner-up is speaking out about having his heart ripped out on national TV, telling People about what a blindside it was:

“It was a big blindside. I truly thought that if it came down to me proposing, that she wouldn’t say no. I thought what we had was real.”

No kidding!

And Horstmann similarly revealed that, even though he was composed last night on the live finale, it took months for him to get there with some lonely days after the breakup:

“It made for some really hard days, but I had a great support system. My family was amazing. We talked through a lot of things and they were there for me.”

For now, though, he appears ready to move on — and he’s happy he saw Becca one last time at the final taping just to tie a bow on things:

“I was able to get a little bit of closure. She’s an engaged woman and I want to respect that. And she’s very happy and I’m grateful for that. There’s no point in focusing on it when there is no future there.”


So, what about your own love life, Blake?! You ready to find love again — maybe on TV this time, maybe not???

Well… he did say:

“The experience didn’t scare me off the idea of finding love. If anything, I know just how capable of finding love I am. It would be the hardest thing I’d do , but I know this can work and if the opportunity presented itself, it would be something I would consider!”

Hmmm… you don’t say!!!!

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