Boosie Badazz Claims Son’s Pregnant GF Tries to Trap Him With Twin Babies for Money

During an appearance on ‘The Breakfast Club’, the ‘Better Believe It’ rapper admits he gets angry when talking about his eldest son Tootie Raw and his girlfriend Ramya who are going to become parents at age 18.

AceShowbiz – Boosie Badazz (previously known as Lil Boosie) isn’t happy that he is going to be a grandfather soon. It has been reported that his eldest son Tootie Raw is expecting twins with his girlfriend Ramya, but the rapper believes his son’s baby mama has an ulterior motive for carrying Tootie’s children.

The 38-year-old star, who is a father of 8, addressed the prospect of him being a grandfather during his appearance on “The Breakfast Club”. He soon became irritated when asked about the matter, claiming that Ramya is lying about being pregnant with Tootie’s babies.

“I don’t think she pregnant,” Boosie told the hosts. Accusing Ramya and her mother of trying to trap his son with babies for money, he added, “Her and her momma trying to get my son. They’ve been trying to get my son since he was teen.”

Boosie went on confirming that Tootie’s girlfriend is a black woman who is the same age as his son, noting that they’re still 18 years old. When one of the hosts stressed that she’s pregnant at 18, Boosie refused to further talk about it, admitting, “I get angry.”

News of Boosie’s son expecting twins, a pair of boy and girl, with his girlfriend first surfaced in June. At the time, Ramya went on Instagram Live to address her pregnancy. Admitting that “this ain’t a super positive thing,” she revealed she considered to abort it before learning that she’s pregnant with twins. “If it was 1, I was gonna get rid of it. But since it’s two… I guess Imma keep it. I wanna make everyone happy and please everyone,” she said in the video.

Responding to her confession, one person suspected that Ramya tries to get his boyfriend’s money with the babies. “you know she thinking ‘I can lock him in with 1 i can DEFINITELY lock him up wid 2’ Money money money money…..MONEY!” read the comment.

Another thought she made the wrong decision, “You think it’s exhausting now…… Wait till you taking care of two babies. This girl … whew child! I wish people would Teach these kids to Wrap it up!!!”

Some others, however, sent her some encouraging words. “Kids are never a mistake abortions are. You’re young it seems like you came from a stable home with good parents who taught you respect. If no one gives you purpose your kids will,” one of them said. Another added, “Congrats young lady…. everything will be just fine..don’t let these miserable ppl steal your joy,,enjoy your pregnancy and don’t entertain the negative comments..”

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