Britney Spears Fans Accuse Her Team of Orchestrating Cover-Up, Faking Pics & Videos

In 2019, Britney Spears checked into a mental wellness center. She spent weeks at the facility.

The official story was that she was addressing her state of mind, stress related to her father's illness, and mental health concerns that have plagued her for over a decade.

But thousands upon thousands of her fans felt that this, coupled with her abruptly canceled tour months earlier, was orchestrated by her father and the conservatorship.

#FreeBritney activists believe that there is some sort of cover-up regarding her social media activity — that it is monitored, edited, or possibly posted by people who answer to Britney's dad.

Even Britney's own mother has expressed concerns in this area.

Scroll down to see what some critics are saying about the way Spears is being treated why they even think recent photos of the artist have been forged by various cronies who do not want what is best for her…

1.Britney Spears on Insta

2.What's the Unfortunate History Here?

3.What Happened Over a Decade Ago?

4.What Was Her Life Like Back Then?

5.Is That What Happened?

6.Since Then?

7.Shen Then Went Into Hiding

8.She's Been Dating Sam Asghari for Years

9.But Then…

10.Britney Therefore Needed a Break

11.What Did Spears Say?

12.She Continued:

13.And Continued:

14.She Concluded at the Time:

15.Fast Forward 3 Months…

16.Little Was Said About It at the Time

17.Was She Off Her Meds? How Serious Was This Recent Breakdown?!?

18.With So Few Answers, Social Media Users Have Been Filling the Vacuum…

19.This Has Prompted Her Sister to Speak Out

20.Just STFU, Jamie Lynn Concluded

21.And Then Britney Herself Spoke Out

22."All is Well"

23.And She Added:

24.She's Also Physically Strong

25.Here is That Video

26.All is Good Then, Right?


28.Who Has Been Posting These Recent Messages?

29.Even Mom Got Involved

30.But Sam Asghari Swears Britney is on the Mend

31.She DOES Post Her Own Photos

32.But We Must Still #FreeBritney!

33.Things Got Serious

34.Britney Took No Chances

35.Oops, She Had Some Setbacks

36.2020 Took No Prisoners

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