Celebrities Help Fan Come Out, Stars Assist LGBT Fans Coming Out


In today’s society, being a part of the LGBTQ+ community can actually be pretty special. Now more than ever before, people have become a lot more accepting of those who don’t identify as part of the sexual and gender binaries — and, more importantly, members of the community feel they are supported by those around them.

But despite the incredible outpouring of love and increasing acceptance for those in the LGBTQ+ community, it’s still pretty daunting to “come out.” No one knows how people are going to respond and a negative reaction from loved ones can be devastating. That’s why a lot of people enlist others to help them through it. But for these lucky fans, it wasn’t just anyone who helped them out — it was their own idol! Though not all queer themselves, these artists have shown their support for the community by being there for their fans’ biggest moments.

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Harry Styles

One of Harry Styles‘s fans traveled a whopping 2,846 miles to see him at his concert in San Jose, California, earlier this year, and for a very special reason. A poster that she held up at the show read, “I’m gonna come out to my parents because of you!!!”

Hazza spotted the sign and started talking to the fan, named Grace, in the crowd. After finding out that her mom, Tina, was in a hotel room a few miles away, he decided to yell as loud as he could, “TINA, SHE’S GAY!” After a few seconds of silence, he added, “Tina says she loves you. Congratulations; I’m very happy for you,” and got the whole crowd to repeat, “TINY, SHE’S GAY!”

After the show, Grace showed her mom the video, and she had the best response.

Troye Sivan

During a performance in Washington, D.C., back in 2016, one of Troye Sivan‘s fans threw a note on stage and asked him to read it out loud. After asking if she was sure, he read into the microphone, “If you’re reading this, can you announce that Kelly is bisexual, please?” The message was intended for the girl’s mom, who was nothing but supportive of her daughter.

After the show, the fan met up with her mother and the sweet interaction was caught on camera.


Rihanna is one busy woman. With her makeup brand, lingerie line and music career, she’s got a lot on her plate — but even with her crazy schedule, she still makes time to talk to her fans.

One person in particular, who chose to stay anonymous, shared his Twitter DMs with the singer to Buzzfeed. In the messages, he expressed that he wanted to come out as gay to his friends and family, and Rih was totally supportive.

“Baby it’s okay to be scared but it’s more important to be who you are!” she wrote. “You don’t have a choice really! That’s not a decision to be made! You are who you are, and as hard as it may seem, the best sh*t ever is freedom and peace within yourself! Your family may not understand, but luckily you live in a generation that does!! And not to mention the community amongst us, we will hold you down boo!!!”

She also kept in touch as he updated her on his coming-out journey. The fan wrote to her, “Slowly letting everyone know that I am gay thanks to you and I’ve never felt so comfortable ? Stanning for you was the best decision I’ve ever done. I’m thankful, please never forget!” and Rih responded, “How could I ever forget? I’m so proud of you! I’m glad to see you finally happy with yourself! Being who you are is the only way!”

Isn’t she just the best?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has always been a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Her song, “Born This Way,” is an anthem for living your truth, and she helped one fan find hers on stage.

During a show in Vancouver, she read the fan’s letter to the crowd. Part of the note said, “You truly helped me become a better person and you made coming out so much easier. I never would’ve done it if it wasn’t for you. I also wanted to thank you for always teaching me to be myself. I now know who the f*ck I am and feel like I can do anything.”

Once she was done reading, Gaga yelled out, “Hi, Kristen! We’re so proud of you for coming out as a lesbian! Thank you for sharing your story with all of these beautiful people in Vancouver. We appreciate your story.”

She then asked the Little Monster to come backstage after the show for a drink. What a night!

Trevor Moran

When a fan named Melissa met Trevor Moran during a meet & greet before his concert, she asked him for a favor. Later on, while the YouTuber was on stage, he stopped the show to make an announcement.

After asking the girl if her dad was in the audience, he looked out to the crowd and said, “She wanted to tell you that she’s gay.” He then started crying and bent down to give her a hug. “It’ll get better, I promise,” he told her.


Leave it to Aquaria to make the most offensive coming out video to ever exist. The Ru Paul’s Drag Race, season 10 winner was enlisted by a fan named Megan to help her come out as a lesbian to her parents, and boy did she come through.

The drag queen used just about every synonym for “lesbian” you could think of, but neither she nor Megan meant any harm with the explicit video. After Megan tweeted the clip, she followed it up with another tweet that read, “Just to clear some things up, Aquaria was quoting me when she said d*ke. She asked what I was coming out as and I replied with ‘full on d*ke’ and so that’s what she’s referring to in the video. I did not have the intention of offending anyone when I posted this [heart emoji].”

She also said her parents were supportive regardless of the explicit nature of the video. Well, now at least she has a funny story to tell at parties!

Paige and Alicia Fox

Paige and Alicia Fox might make a living fighting people, but IRL, they just want everyone to be happy. The Total Divas stars decided to pay a visit to a fan named Dustin Brown to help him do something big: come out to his family.

With the pro wrestlers by his side, Dustin became teary-eyed as he worked up the courage to tell his loved ones that he was gay and, luckily, their response was nothing but supportive. Both of his parents hugged him, and his mother told him, “Don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to me.”

Paige said after the visit, “I’m so happy for Dustin. I couldn’t be prouder of him. For him to make that massive transition in life, it was so courageous, and it was such a beautiful moment to be a part of.”

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