Chelsea Houska Gushes Over Husband, Shares Cutest Pic EVER of Kids

We don’t want to get carried away here.

We don’t want to go overboard.

We don’t want to say something that isn’t true. However…

Chelsea Houska may have just shared the most adorable photo in the history of the Internet.

We’re not even referring to the one directly above, either, although this one is also rather memorable, considering the look on Cole DeBoer’s face while he cradles newborn daughter Layne.

The bundle of joy entered Cole and Chelsea’s life back on August 29, with Houska not just alerting fans to the blessed news — but also sharing an immediate photo of Layne from the hospital.

“Happy birthday to YOU, sweet baby Layne,” Houska wrote as a special caption to this first picture, which was apt because she just happened to be born on her mother’s birthday.

Talk about an amazing present!

For Chelsea, however, the truly amazing sight to behold over the past few days has been husband Cole with the couple’s second child.

(Houska is the mother of three overall; she and Cole share Layne and one-year old Watson, while she has a daughter named Aubree from her former relationship with Adam Lind.)

“This man is so perfect for me,” wrote Houska as a caption to these images, adding quite simply and beautifully:

“The most amazing husband and daddy in the entire world. I love how much he loves us.”

For his part, Cole showed he was pretty darn psyched to become a father for the second time almost as soon as his daughter was born.

This is what he wrote on Instagram while passing along the development:

Happy birthday to my sweet perfect wife Chelsea DeBoer who just gave our family this beautiful blessing!

Sharing the same amazing day I am so in love with our family! Our newest edition Baby Layne!!”

DeBoer and Houska met when he spied her at a gas station. They got married in October of 2016.

And we know what you’re thinking:

Hey, didn’t you guys promise us the most adorable photo in the history of social media just a few paragraphs up?

Yes, we did.

Now that suspense has properly been built up for it, allow us to present below the first picture of little Layne and big brother Watson.

Come on now: We didn’t oversell this, did we?

“My sweet little loves,” the very proud mother wrote alongside this image.

Go ahead and stare at it as long as you’d like.

We won’t judge you if you get a bit misty-eyed, either.

Lord knows we sure did.

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