Chris Evans Is Launching A Political Website

If the rumors are true, Captain America might not be alive and kicking after April 26th. So, his portrayer Chris Evans is finally going to have some shield-free time on his hands. Chris often gets poli-sci on Twitter (and slapfights racists) so it makes sense that he’s reportedly launching a political website with help from Congress, according to Mashable. President Evans in 2028? All the best presidents come from Massachusetts. (We don’t count H.W. because his family quickly moved to Connecticut after he was born.)

Chris’ website will be called “A Starting Point” and he’s describing it as a “civic engagement project” that will help people make sense of both political parties’ views on the issues that affect the U.S.

CNN hosted a video of Chris asking members of Congress to participate in his project which pre-emptively revealed its existence before Chris Evans was ready to unveil it.

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