Coleen Rooney will leave husband Wayne in American mansion to put her boys first

This is the lavish mansion Wayne and Coleen Rooney are moving into after the football star signed with Washington’s DC United.

A source close to the couple say they both “fell in love” with the seven-bedroom property in an exclusive suburb of the city.

The family have signed up to stay there for two years – but the Mirror can reveal that Coleen and the boys will go home back to the UK after that.

A source says: “Coleen will leave after two years so Kai can start senior school in the UK. Wayne stays the last year in D.C. on his own.”

Meanwhile Coleen’s mum and dad will come over to the US to help them settle.

“They won’t stay there full time obviously but will spend time with Coleen and boys initially to settle them in to new country.”

The couple’s children have particularly loved their American adventure to date.

A source said: “Kai had an amazing time in Washington and loved the fact they weren’t bothered by fans when out visiting the sites.

“The whole family is looking forward to a bit of privacy out there.”Coleen is also mum to Kay, Kit and Cass.

The Croxteh-born mum recently revealed in an exclusive interview with The Mirror , how she really feels about leaving her Cheshire home.

Speaking about telling her parents Tony and Colette McLoughlin, who she has always lived close to, was an emotional conversation.

“It’s hard not being able to pop down the road – an eight- hour flight is a long distance. You can’t just nip over for a cup of tea.

“It’s been a bit of a blur so far getting everything sorted. I am sure it will all sink in soon.

“That was the one thing I was gutted about – having to take him out of school, as we love it. That’s the hardest thing.

“Obviously, we can try and get him back into it when we eventually come back to England.”

But nonetheless she thinks that Kai, in particular, will be able to adapt to life on another continent.

She added: “My eldest is so outgoing he is fine – you put him anywhere and he will get on with it. But my five year old loves home and being comforted.”

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