Coronation Street fans debate who the father of Eva Price’s baby could be after the barmaid appears to be pregnant

CORONATION STREET fans are debating who the father of Eva Price's child could be after today's episode heavily hinted she was expecting.

Corrie viewers concluded that the barmaid, played by Catherine Tyldesley, must be pregnant after she began experiencing unusual symptoms, and suggested the baby was either her current boyfriend Adam Barlow's or her ex Aidan Connor's.

In part one of tonight's episodes, Eva burps and passes it off as feeling under the weather.

The girlfriend of Adam Barlow then tells Shona Ramsey, played by Julia Goulding, that she feels unexpectedly tired and has an unusual taste in her mouth.

She said: "I have the weirdest taste in my mouth. Like I've been sucking old pennies."

It wasn't long before fans took to Twitter to claim Stella Price's daughter, who last year faked a pregnancy on the popular soap, could be expecting.

Fans of the northern soap then quickly began speculating who the father could be.

Adam and Aidan were quickly suggested, but timings mean it is unclear who's it could be.

Aidan, played by Shayne Ward, was Eva's boyfriend before Adam, played by Sam Robertson.

It seems many Corrie viewers hope it will be her current flame Adam.

However, that Eva is pregnant is still to be confirmed for certain.

Towards the end of part two of tonight's episodes, Shona brings Eva a pregnancy test.

She said: "Honestly, thanks but no thanks, I don't need it. I hope you've kept the receipt."

Shona responds: "I tell you what, why don't you keep hold of it. Humour me."


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